Desire to buy used car ..? Buy a used car is not like buying a new car where the condition new car is a standard factory. This does not apply if you intend buying a used car, there are a few things to note if you want to buy a used car. Following these tips is:

1. Check background car. This is not to provide assurance that the car is OK to be purchased, but you can only get important information, for example, that the car has been experiencing a severe collision or odometer has been changed, etc..

2. Please ask your colleagues in a more clever things to buy a car to help you select a used car.

3. Never buy a used car collision that seriously injured, especially those affected by frontal collision. There will be many problems that arise later as a result of collision is severe.

4. Do not buy a used car immediately when you first see it, be patient. Try your first car, usually the problem will be detected if the car tried in the way first.

5. Do not immediately believe that if the owner said the car first hand and only used on the toll road only. Is likely the car is used from the rental company.

6. Do not buy the car if you still feel hesitant. If you are a bit noisy engines, transmission is less smooth, a bit rusty, and so forth. You better find another used car.

7. Do not buy a car in which you have to do "little" improvements, because the fact is you need to make improvements to there without stopping.

8. Do not buy a used car is exposed to floods. Water can cause the car to rust, damage to electronic devices, damage to the transmission, and so forth.

9. Do not be too skeptical and do not rough on car seller. Although we less believe to the car seller, but many also the car seller that are really honest.

10. Keep your opinion, but do not rough, be good to them and they were certainly ready to help you.

Buy a used car is one of the solutions to get a reasonable car use with an affordable price. If you get still good condition and the engines are still prime it is your fortune.

However, many cases of theft of vehicle make you need more cautious when buying a used car. Instead of you want to buy the quality car with affordable prices instead accused as a buyer of stolen goods.

Therefore, before buying a used car there are some safety tips that can be used as material considerations, including:

1. Safe and best place to buy a used car is a show room or used car dealers that can be trusted to provide guarantee to the buyer or seller of individuals recommended by people you trust.

2. Do not be tricked easily in a sellers offer used car with a very cheap price or offer price below the market.
Often, car theft or car problem will be offered in very cheap so that rapid sales.

3. Avoid buying a used car that is not clear the origins and the owners.
Do not believe when he said evidence Motor Vehicles Ownership of the original is lost and the only copy.

4. Check completeness of documents of vehicles such as "Letters of Vehicles Tax" and "Proof of Motor Vehicles Ownership" to the Office of Local Traffic Directorate.
Come to the local Administration to check whether the car you buy is not in trouble or been included in the list of blocks (the car is missing).

5. Check the suitability of letters with the engine number, order number, and number of vehicles that would be purchased.
This is to avoid the letters the vehicle is the result of the forgery.

6. Ask for a copy of the citizenship card or the identity of the seller, note the address and phone number of the seller of the car in order to easily contacted at any time if you need data for the vehicle documents.

7. After the car was bought, immediately to convert letters of the vehicle in the name of you (reverse the name).

Do you imagine what would happen if we are wasteful use of ground water without control? Yes, decreasing ground water debit will be able to speed up sea-water intrusion to the land and can lower down to the ground so that will be submerged by sea water.

See the impact that can not be considered trivial, will be better since early if the parents teach the children and the other in the house to help maintain the sustainability of the world from serious damage.

Some things you can do to use water at home, among others with:

1. Using water of the toilet room can be arranged. That way, at least you can save a few liters of water per day.

2. Washing vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles using the bucket, so not waste water, which continues to run down from the hose. Even if still want to use the hose, turn off the water when washing and turn on when will rinse.

3. Take a bath with shower.

4. Use automatic clothes washing machine that is capable of saving water.

5. Always caring and do not let the water pipe line leak.

6. Do not let the tap water constantly on when you brush the teeth are.

7. Do not forget to turn off tap water while the take a soap, washing dishes, and so forth.

8. Create a water well in place to replace the water that we consume.

9. In addition to the water well, it's good if you also make biopori to prevent flooding and maintain sustainability the environment around you.

10. Most importantly, teach all of the home not to waste the water.

There are several things that must to do when buying shoes:

1. Choose shoes that feel comfortable in the foot.
Do not try to 'example' shoes that are a little loose because many people tried. Ask the salesperson to get a new one. Then try walking with a pair of new shoes. Make sure you are comfortable during use. No matter how much interesting the shoe model, if the pain when used, be sure you will not use again. If you do online shopping through the Internet, make sure that the size is really in line with your foot.

2. Color
Choose a color shoes, which will be appropriate if combined with your collection of clothes, so do not buy it redundant. Even if the can, the color is matched with some of your clothing collection. For safe, choose neutral colors like black, brown, gray and white, so it match with a lot of clothes.

3. If you do not have many places to collect shoes in the house, you should choose shoes with a classic design up to date but good quality, so that never missed the addition of the age, shoes are still comfortable when used.

4. For comfort and health of the feet, make sure the leather or synthetic material is selected really match the skin of your foot.
Do not cause a reaction to the skin. Therefore, never hesitate to try shoes in a store, even if conditions are crowded because of sale.

Who says there is no second-hand goods is useful? Goods that are usually already in the trash, that can be re-creations of eligible goods to be used, can also even as room decoration.

Materials which you have also not always be expensive. It is important you know how to put them. For example, if during the time you always dispose of glass bottles are not used anymore, in fact can be used as decoration or as a torch in your garden.

Here are some tips you can use to create goods "new", among others:

1. Beverage bottles used to have a unique shape, you can plug in what circumstances the only way.
However, if the shape is quite unique to be a flower vase, you can put flowers with long rod as sweetener.

2. For you who like to paint, can also channeled it in a glass bottle which shaped unique.
In addition to beautiful, these bottles will appear more unique and have a high value sale.

3. Bottles used perfume with beautiful forms of the beautiful can be used as decoration as well pengharum room.
The way is by clean the bottle until there is no longer the smell left behind. After that, fill it again with softener or perfume. Leave the bottle open and stack bottles in the beautiful tiny vessel. However, at least for 1 month you have to replace it so that the smell still fresh.

4. For the case of glass-like bowl, you can put orange peel that has been sliced thin and dried. So that feels more fresh, give essens orange and close tight for about 2 weeks. In order to infiltrate, occasionally shake the bottle. Then let the bottle is open to refresh your room.

5. For you who like hidroponik plants, used light bulb with a wire connection can be used as vessel that hanging in the wall.

Want to try?

How to Save Energy When Using AC (Air Conditioner)

1. When the AC switched on, try to always closed room door so that AC is not working hard to freeze.

2. When AC is turned on, power is increased dramatically. After that, the power down again. Therefore, do not too often turn off and turn on the AC.

3. Turn the AC only when the room will be used, and switch off when the room is not used more than 15 minutes.

4. Use curtains and glass film on the window, so that the room is not too hot due to sunlight entering through the glass window.

6. Avoid placing the AC indoor unit near the equipment that generate heat such as stove, refrigerator, and lights.

How to Select the Right AC (Air Conditioner)

Tropical regions of extreme heat, making the cool air to be a primary requirement. Like oase in the middle of a desert, this makes the existence of the AC (air conditioner) is a critical need. The many types of AC at this time must make consumers choose more charming before deciding where you want to buy. Things to consider in choosing / buying AC is as follows:

1. Because its main function is as a refrigerant, so that the AC must be able to cool the room quickly.
The easiest way to detect this by see the evaporator in the refrigerator on the side of the AC. With a larger refrigerator evaporator, it will cool the room more quickly and naturally.

2. See the fan part.
More wide fan, the faster the winds blow. In addition, with a wide fan, the AC will not cause a noisy sound.
With wider evaporator, then automatically fan of blower on the external will be greater. This need for balance. Will be better if the fan is jagged because it will make turbulensi not noisy.

3. Consider additional features useful for health. Now there is the AC with feature that is capable of killing bacteria. In fact, there are also capable of filtering particles of dust which is very smooth, including the bacteria.

In addition, there is also a feature of the AC that offers to kill bacteria and eliminate not tasty smell such cigarette smoke and features of vitamin C filter that contains antioxidants to enhance immune body in order to become more healthy and fresh.

Besides able to cool the room, select also the AC that provide benefits for health.

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