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Who says there is no second-hand goods is useful? Goods that are usually already in the trash, that can be re-creations of eligible goods to be used, can also even as room decoration.

Materials which you have also not always be expensive. It is important you know how to put them. For example, if during the time you always dispose of glass bottles are not used anymore, in fact can be used as decoration or as a torch in your garden.

Here are some tips you can use to create goods "new", among others:

1. Beverage bottles used to have a unique shape, you can plug in what circumstances the only way.
However, if the shape is quite unique to be a flower vase, you can put flowers with long rod as sweetener.

2. For you who like to paint, can also channeled it in a glass bottle which shaped unique.
In addition to beautiful, these bottles will appear more unique and have a high value sale.

3. Bottles used perfume with beautiful forms of the beautiful can be used as decoration as well pengharum room.
The way is by clean the bottle until there is no longer the smell left behind. After that, fill it again with softener or perfume. Leave the bottle open and stack bottles in the beautiful tiny vessel. However, at least for 1 month you have to replace it so that the smell still fresh.

4. For the case of glass-like bowl, you can put orange peel that has been sliced thin and dried. So that feels more fresh, give essens orange and close tight for about 2 weeks. In order to infiltrate, occasionally shake the bottle. Then let the bottle is open to refresh your room.

5. For you who like hidroponik plants, used light bulb with a wire connection can be used as vessel that hanging in the wall.

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