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Buy a used car is one of the solutions to get a reasonable car use with an affordable price. If you get still good condition and the engines are still prime it is your fortune.

However, many cases of theft of vehicle make you need more cautious when buying a used car. Instead of you want to buy the quality car with affordable prices instead accused as a buyer of stolen goods.

Therefore, before buying a used car there are some safety tips that can be used as material considerations, including:

1. Safe and best place to buy a used car is a show room or used car dealers that can be trusted to provide guarantee to the buyer or seller of individuals recommended by people you trust.

2. Do not be tricked easily in a sellers offer used car with a very cheap price or offer price below the market.
Often, car theft or car problem will be offered in very cheap so that rapid sales.

3. Avoid buying a used car that is not clear the origins and the owners.
Do not believe when he said evidence Motor Vehicles Ownership of the original is lost and the only copy.

4. Check completeness of documents of vehicles such as "Letters of Vehicles Tax" and "Proof of Motor Vehicles Ownership" to the Office of Local Traffic Directorate.
Come to the local Administration to check whether the car you buy is not in trouble or been included in the list of blocks (the car is missing).

5. Check the suitability of letters with the engine number, order number, and number of vehicles that would be purchased.
This is to avoid the letters the vehicle is the result of the forgery.

6. Ask for a copy of the citizenship card or the identity of the seller, note the address and phone number of the seller of the car in order to easily contacted at any time if you need data for the vehicle documents.

7. After the car was bought, immediately to convert letters of the vehicle in the name of you (reverse the name).


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