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How to Select the Right AC (Air Conditioner)

Tropical regions of extreme heat, making the cool air to be a primary requirement. Like oase in the middle of a desert, this makes the existence of the AC (air conditioner) is a critical need. The many types of AC at this time must make consumers choose more charming before deciding where you want to buy. Things to consider in choosing / buying AC is as follows:

1. Because its main function is as a refrigerant, so that the AC must be able to cool the room quickly.
The easiest way to detect this by see the evaporator in the refrigerator on the side of the AC. With a larger refrigerator evaporator, it will cool the room more quickly and naturally.

2. See the fan part.
More wide fan, the faster the winds blow. In addition, with a wide fan, the AC will not cause a noisy sound.
With wider evaporator, then automatically fan of blower on the external will be greater. This need for balance. Will be better if the fan is jagged because it will make turbulensi not noisy.

3. Consider additional features useful for health. Now there is the AC with feature that is capable of killing bacteria. In fact, there are also capable of filtering particles of dust which is very smooth, including the bacteria.

In addition, there is also a feature of the AC that offers to kill bacteria and eliminate not tasty smell such cigarette smoke and features of vitamin C filter that contains antioxidants to enhance immune body in order to become more healthy and fresh.

Besides able to cool the room, select also the AC that provide benefits for health.


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